The waiting room at a railway station presents a wonderful oppurtunities to obserb human behavior. describe an experince when you were early for a train and had to spend sometimes with different kinds of people

what is the answer
we have to describe one incident tht happnd with us?



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Yes, the waiting room at a railway station is a place where we can observe the human behaviour. I would like to describe such an experience when I was too early for the train and had to spend some time in the waiting room of the railway station.

So, as it was my first train journey I was a little nervous. When I found that I was so early for the train and there's almost an hour for the arrival of the train I couldn't know what I was going to do next. I went inside the waiting room and sat near the window. I was feeling very strange there as nobody except me was present and it was very early morning. Within a minute the quiet waiting room was filled with noise and hustle bustle when people started entering.I was feeling sleepy and just then I heard a friendly voice. " When is the train for Rishikesh arriving?" I replied "Just within an hour" We started talking and I found that we both were from the same city. We both were going to Rishikesh. So, we made friends and exchanged our phone numbers. Then she asked " Can you say where the canteen is?" I told that as it is early morning may be there would be nothing good to eat at the canteen and offered my tiffin to her. She very happily ate it and shared her chocolates with me. As time passed on many kinds of people entered into the room. One family was a Punjabi family with there two cute daughters. Then there was also a group of friends who were listening songs and absorbed with their mobile phones.They were all strangers to me but yet I felt nice to look at them and to observe them.Soon the one hour passed away by just gossiping and observing each other. I could here the sound of the train and rain out of the waiting room. I waved a bye to all my new friends which I made in the waiting room and sat inside the train. I was feeling very excited for my journey. It was a good in the waiting room and I would never forget it. Every incident in our life teaches us a lesson and this too taught me one. As before I was not so good at making new friends and talking with strangers after that I didn't face much difficulty for that.I was looking forward for another great experience like this in my journey.
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