Last week your friend was hurt when a basket ball hut him.discuss with your patner what safery rules should play ground ?HOW these can be implemented

it is complete only
i think it shud be what safety rules shud be followed in the play ground?
yes it is
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Pratap- Hey Rahul! Do you remember last week how seriously Rohan was injured while playing basketball.
Rahul- Yes, I remember. He cried a lot that day.Then he went back to home and did his first aid there. He had a minor fracture in his leg.
Pratap- Don't you think that our students should follow safety rules in the school.
Rahul- Yes, Our school should have First aid facility so that when any child is injured we can help him and he won't have to go back to home for treatment.
Pratap- While playing our Physical education teacher should be present there to help.  Knee pads should be given while playing for our safety. The ground should be grassy so that if we fall we will not get injured.
Rahul- Yes, We shall talk with our PT teacher about it. He will help us.
Pratap- Ya, Lets go.

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