Two cars start from place A and B 100km apart toward each other both cars start simultaneously A bird sitting on 1 car starts at the same time towards the other car and as soonas it reaches the the second car and it continues in this mannner flying backwards and forwards from one car to another untill the cars meet both cars travel at a speed 50kmph and the bird flies at 100kmph total distance covered by the bird will be?



I was wondering what xy means.2015-09-30From Eric:
I was wondering what xy means. My two things I think it means are the two digits of x and y or x times y. thanks for your time, Eric
Answered by Penny Nom.
Two lorries approaching an intersection2015-05-15From Nuraini:
Two straight roads intersect at the right angles. Lorry A, moving on one of the roads, Approaches the intersection at 50mi/h and lorry B, moving on the other roads, approaches the intersection at 20mi/h. At what rate is the distance between the lorry changing when A is 0.4 mile from the intersection and B is 0.3 mile from the intersection?
Answered by Penny Nom.
Two cars approaching an intersection2015-04-16From Engabu:
Car A is traveling west at 50km/h & car B is traveling north at 60km/h. both are headed for the intersection of the two roads. At what rate are the cars approaching each other when car A is 3km & car B is 4km from the intersection?
Answered by Penny Nom.
A train trip2015-03-23From Ngcebo:
A train travels a distance of 720 km at a speed of x km/h. on the return journey, it travels at an average speed of y km/h and completes the whole journey in an hour less. if the speed during the return journey was 10 km/h more, what were the speeds in m/s
Answered by Penny Nom.
Average rate for a return trip2015-03-14