Question 1-How did hmake the time machine?
question 2-How many years did it take him to do the research ?
question 3-How did he feel going to the past?
question 4-Did he like the adventure?

Probably he would answer-
ans 1-The time machine I made was mainly using the formula E=mc²;the rest you will not understand because only a LEARNED and EXPERIENCED scientist has the ability to understand rest of the derivation,you are just a kid now.
ans 2-It took me several years ,i couldn't count them because i was busy in the research and derivation of the formula.
ans 3-I enjoyed a lot in the past but was a little afraid of the consequences because I was going to change the past and save my girl friend and hence my fiance.
ans 4-I loved the journey.
hope i helped u:)
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