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 The seasonal reversal in wind direction during a year is called monsoon.

Jet streams are high velocity westerly winds blowing through a narrow zone in the uppertroposphere. The westerly flows are responsible for the western disturbances experienced in the north and north-western parts of the country. The easterly jet streams cause tropical depressions during the monsoon as well as October-November months.

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Jet streams are fast flowing winds blowing in a narrow zone in the upper atmosphere.
In winter, the subtropical westernly jet streams bring rain to the western part of India. especially himachal pradesh and punjab.
In summer, tropical easternly jet streams blow over peninsular india approximately 14N and bring some rain and stroms.
the word monsoon is derived from an arabic word 'mausim' which literally means season.
monsoon refers to the seasonal reversal in the wind direction during a year.
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