The speed, and thus the kinetic energy of a single object is frame-dependent .it can take any non-negative value, by choosing a suitable inertial frame of, a bullet passing an observer has kinetic energy in the reference frame of this observer, but the same bullet is stationary,so has zero kinetic energy,from the point of view of an observer moving with the same velocity as the bullet.the total kinetic energy of a system of objects cannot be reduced to zero by a suitable choice of t
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Energy possessed by body due to virtue of its motion is known as
the kinetic energy of the body. Kinetic energy possessed by moving body is equal to total work done by the body just before coming out to rest....
K.E= 1/2 MV^2


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A energy in which particles are constantly in motion is called kinetic energy. The particles never remain stationary
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The energy possessed by a moving body due to its state of motion is known as kinetic energy.
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