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We should not unnecessariliy open the taps. If we see a tap is open we should close it. We should not use sours while taking bath.We should reduce the amount of clothes because it takes lots of water to clean it. We should broom  our home inspite of swaping it. We should clean vegetables with cloth rather than washing it.
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First is that we should never leave our taps on.second is that instead of bathing in shower and wasting huge amount of water we should fill water in a bucket and use it.third never throw anything in water and we should discourage the practices of submerging the idols of god in water. during the holy festival water is wasted in huge amount. we should keep a check on it.fifth one.....Farmers can use sprinkle irrigation method instead of the normal irrigation. sixth one if possible we should do rain water harvesting
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where's the fourth point?