→REAL BLUE BLOOD=high or noble birth.SENTENCE:Rajamatha Gayathri devi was a real blue blood. →RED HANDED =catch someone while doing. SENTENCE:The thief was caught red handed. →BLUE MOON=Very rarely. SENTENCE:We go out for family picnics once in a blue moon. →GREEN THUMB =flair for gardening. SENTENCE:My garden is beautiful.I have a green thumb. →SILVER LINING=Something good in a situation. SENTENCE:Mary's meagre income was a cloud in the silver lining. →PINK OF HEALTH=Very good health. SENTENCE:My great grand father at 105 , is in the pink of health. →BLOT FROM THE BLUE=Sudden or unexpected.SENTENCE:Death of A.P.J.Abdul kalam sir hit the nation like a bolt from the blue. →GREEN WITH ENVY=Feel jealous. SENTENCE:When Catherine saw my necklace, she was green with envy. →PINK SLIPS=Lose one's job. SENTENCE:Lot of people got pink slips while recession. →RED LETTER=Very important. SENTENCE: January 29th is a red letter day in Indian history. Hope this helps you
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1.A good Samaritan-A generally charitable person
Sentence-He's such a good Samaritan that he took good care of my Granny when she was sick.
2.Bad Blood- ill feeling against someone or hostility
 Sentence- There is a bad blood between Katy and Taylor.
3.To hold good-to be useful
Sentence-Does the version of the events still hold good?
4.Of the first water-Excellent
Sentence-Tom is of the first water-a true gentlemen
5.To give way-ti yield
Sentence-The old computer system must give way in order to meet the new hardware requirements
6.At one's beck and call-at one's service
Sentence-Peter's is always at one's beck and call.
7.Gift of the gab-the talent of speaking
Sentence-The both of them had the gift of gab which they use immesurably
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