Prove that 1/∞ = 0 , I asked my friend about this he said since , 1/0 = ∞ , so 1/∞ = 0 , I don't believe that is it really true ?

1/X , as X becomes smaller and smaller becomes a large number. This very huge number is called infinity.
So we say 1/0 = infinity.. Infinity is a notation. It is not a value or integer.

As N becomes larger and larger , 1/N becomes smaller and smaller near 0... So we say that 1/ infinity = 0. This is convention.
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Very easy see ,to prove. 1/∞=0
I wrote it above same i knw that other proof -___-
I know this only till now:-\
Infinity does not have any scientifically its a unvaluable we should considered it has 1/0 equals 0...1/infinity equal zero
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why...its that much...we cannot because infinity is un defined element of maths