You all are well acquainted with the adage 'Think before you leap' in your formative years. Similarly you have to show presence of mind and intelligence in difficult situations. A group of students went for an outing. All of a sudden they saw a snake passing by. What would you do if you are in such situation?

1. Would start crying.
2. Call somebody for help.
3. Would face the situation with courage and presence of mind
.Express your reaction in 50 words.



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I will obviously face the situation with courage and presence of mind. to explain this i will do this fist because i have to save the people with me over there. and then with presence of mind that i will try to attract the snake to something and then will give an action for the other people to go out by hiding.and then by distracting it from me i will pass by succesfully.
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When i will see that snake i will first get shock but then ill use my presence of mind 
and courage to save my frenz i will keep something that attracts thesnake very much near him then farther and i ll throw him far away
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