Because all theirs oraganels are small...small DNA small mitochordnia...all are small
Cells must exchange nutrients & other
molecules with environment.
• Nutrients in and wastes out.
• The cell membrane is the only way in
and out of the cytoplasm.
• The cell membrane has a limited
surface area.
• The cytoplasm has a volume to “feed”
or have wastes removed.
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no its not a answer.....your answer just a physical and basical confrigation of all living being in universe....this activity is basic......i belive that all the component of the world..not universe is made up of atoms......likewise cell is made up of exist in it is undefined.....but physicsally it is just made up of componds like DNA...protien...and other compound which are invisible to our it is invisible according to science
Cells are small because they need to be able to diffuse through materials easily. Also, materials inside and outside of the cell need to easily pass through the cell membrane, which makes it harder and slower for the materials to pass through the cell membrane
If a cell grows beyond a certain size, materials will not be able to pass through the membrane fast enough to accommodate the inside of the cell.