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Andaman Nicobar Island:Its is located on the eastern side of India.It is divided into two Andaman in south and Nicobar in north.They have great diversity of flora and fauna. They are bigger in size and are scattered.
These island groups are located in Bay of Bengal.

Lakhshadweep Islands:
These islands are located in Arabian Sea.This island group is closer to the mainland.They cover a area of 32 km².Earlier they were known as Laccadive,Amindive and Minicoy.In 1973 they were named as
Lakhadweep Islands.They lie closer to the Malabar coast of Kerala
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Andaman and nicobar islands are located in the bay of bengal
they are located in the eastern side of india
the chief language is nicobarese.
major religion is 

lakshadweep islands are located in the arabian sea 
they are located in the western side of india
the chief language is jeseri
major religion is islam
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