Only come to know the nature of your mind in which there is no self and no other,and you will in fact be a buddha. the zen teachings of huan po : on the transmission of mind, translated by john blofeld“. Man is the measure of all things, of things that are that they are and of things that are not that they are not.” Protagoras.
E. Ethelbert Miller asks: "With your interest in science as well as Buddhism, I find it surprising that you don't write more about the environment and nature in your essays. Is this a correct conclusion?"This is a very good and a fair question. In my body of published non-fiction one finds little that could be strictly called traditional nature-writing. And there is a personal (as well as philosophical) reason for that.
Nature is one of the precious gift that god have given us. it is impossible to think about the whole world without nature. we all are the child of nature and we must take care of our mother. without thinking about herself nature are fulfilling are all the basic needs but what we are doing to her. simply destroying the nature is this is our humanity.

we all are misbalancing the formula of  nature. we are giving threat to our precious nature to our mother. the time will not be far when we will regret for this but what happened of this regret when the time will gone and mind you time will not wait for anyone. we all have to do something and its better to do now.