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Grandfather - We would usually spend our leisure time reading a book or chatting with friends or by listening to the radio.
You- Really Grandpa! That's so boring.
Grandfather- So what do you do to spend you leisure time?
You- I watch the Television or play video games, chat on social networking sites or hang out with my friends.
Grandfather- How boring it is! I don't think it's as fun as reading a book or listening to radio.
You- But Grandpa times have changed now and you should move with the time what's the use of remaining so old fashioned and boring.
Grandfather- No I am happy just the way I am. I would prefer to be old fashioned. It's way better than your ways of wasting time.
You- Yes..I see.
Grandfather- People have changed. Their attitude, their rights and wrongs, their way of thinking, nobody cares for each other. It's okay to be more socialized, and be in a competitive world.But people should also remember that life is a journey not a competition. 
You-Yes Grandpa I understand your feelings and emotions.
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