Five Incredibly Easy Ways to Reduce Food WasteReducing your food waste is actually really simple: all you need to do is buy what you need and eat what you buy. Or if you want to be a little more specific (and make the list fit conveniently in blog-friendly “Top-Five” format), you can expand this to: Buy what you need, Eat what you buy, Keep food fresh, Don’t toss before it spoils and Avoid the trash. Here are the details:
Buy only what you needIf you continually buy more food than you can eat, you’ll eventually have to throw some away.  Avoid waste by shopping smarter.
Eat what you buySounds simple, yet few people manage to do this effectively. Make a conscious effort to keep track of the food you have – and then remember to eat it.
Keep food freshLearn to store foods properly to keep them fresh as long as possible. Eureka! Recycling created a dazzlingly comprehensive storage guide along with a one-page quick reference sheet to stick on your fridge. Or check out Frugal Foodie’s food storage overview.Here are some food storage highlights: 
Don’t toss food before it spoilsSometimes – as in the case of the fuzzy mystery food decomposing in the back of the fridge – it’s clear that food needs to be discarded. But often, perfectly edible food is thrown away as a result of confusion about expiration dates and/or unjustified fear of spoilage
Avoid the trashSending food to landfills wastes valuable resources and ultimately exacerbates climate change.  Do all you can to keep it out.