1. studying is really important for our good future because the it is playing a vital and crucial role in all our life.

2. if  we wont study we wont get   employment because of this even we wont a respect in the society now a days.

3. suppose a person does not wanted to study  he does not have a good employment so his future generations also would be in same situations. so studying is really important for a good employment.

4. so we have to study well that  helps us in a good employment for every one in this world. this studying  so plays a crucial role in our lives.

5. so studying  is really important for us in our lives.

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It is very significant to study unemployment. we will know more about our country that what population of our country is employed.we will know the types of unemployed in our countries like educated unemployed which is very common in urban areas.many students with matriculation &post matriculation cannot find jobs.this leads to the waste of resource of our country.other employed likes seasonal,disguised etc which turn the people in a liability rather then an assets for the country..while studying this u would come to a conclusion to how stop these unemployment for example; to stop unemployment we must give appropriate jobs to a eligible person.
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