Dussehra is also known by the name of Durga Puja. At the end of the rainy season this festival is celebrated in the whole India. Navratri is unequaled in the idolatry of West Bengal in Gujarat is unmatched dandiya played. The ten-day festival is sputter.
People are beating the blues devotion. There is a special Aradnaan of Goddess Durga.
Tenth day of the festival ends. This day is Vijayadashmee. Symbol of good over evil Ravana effigy is burnt in the day across the country.
The day the demon Ravana by Lord Rama, Sita, his mother was rescued from captivity. And the whole society was free of fear. Before killing Ravana by Rama had worshiped Durga. Durga Puja was pleased with his victory, he was blessed.
Ravan Dahan is still to much fanfare. Additionally fireworks are made. Durga idol worshiping the idol-immersion setting fledged Band do with the program.
Devotees worship Goddess Durga in Dussehra. Some people are fasting and fasting. At the end of worship is satisfied by giving alms to priests. Many places seem fair. Ramlila is also conducted.