We shouldn't cut trees. because
.. they maintain ecological balance of earth.
.. they provide us oxygen which is basis for living of all organisms.
.. they provide us fruits, vegetables, etc., our food supplements.
.. they maintain the climate and the weather too.
.. they cause rain.
.. they provide shelter to the birds.
.. they hold the soil and prevents soil erosion.
.... they lessens the effect and power of floods.
the cutting of trees is called deforestation.
if deforestation continues then..
the chancesof rein will be less.
there will not enough oxygen to fulfull needs of organisms.
soil erosion will be there.

we will be unable to get our food supplements.

We should not cut trees due to many reasons.Some of them are:- *Global Warming *Trees gives us food *They provide us with oxygen that we breath.*They provide us with shelter. *They control floods. Hope it helps and pls mark as the best answer. :-)