You could add something more to this.. Dear Rita How are you.?Hope you are doing well.Haven't seen you for a long time.You might have heard that I have got a job in IT company.So I thought of sharing some experiences with you. I work as the IT manager in the company.Even though I was really tensed ar first,my colleagues made me comfortable. From that itself you could understand that my colleagues are really friendly and are always ready to help.In this short time,I have found many good personalities.Breaking my fears,here the job is really going well.There isn't any kind of tension or worry.Everyone is really calm.And because of that,I am feeling really good to work here.It gives me a personal satisfaction. All these reasons made me love my job.I am really happy to get such a job.Convey my regards to your family. With love, __________ Hope it helps and pls mark as the best answer. :-)
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