First aid for snake bit...
first of all u have to note the appearance of snake...this helps to rectify whether the snake was venomous or not?..and if it was then what will be the tratment
secondllyMove the person beyond striking distance of the snake.Have the person lie down with wound below the heartKeep the person still to keep venom from spreading.Cover the wound with loose,  bandage.Do not:Cut a bite woundAttempt to suck out venomApply ice, or waterGive the person alcohol or drinksand of course wait for the doctor.

first aid for dog bit...
How should I treat a minor dog bite?If you or someone you know is bitten by a dog, more than likely it will be a minor bite that can be treated at home by following these steps:Clean the wound immediately: run it under warm water for a few minutes to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned.Encourage bleeding from the wound: if it is not already bleeding, gently squeeze the wound to encourage it to bleed, which will help prevent bacteria entering the wound.Provide pain killer :  such as paracetamol etc to reduce pain 
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