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Urbanisation is a key to modernisation.urbanisation means building up of so many huge and tall buildings and factories to increase the secondary and tertiary activities of the country..this inturn increases GDP of a country  and thus developes  the country..and thus a country becomes  developed and can stand with other developed and modernised countries..acity is a symbol of human civilization; it is the people's economic and political center. a city is a measure of the degree of urbanization of a country and contributes to the regional economic, social, cultural, development, as well as to science and technology.
the national and regional social organizations can be measured by the extent and management of the expansion of local cities. urbanization is an inevitable part of human progress and to go through this process, brings about structural change.
the process of urbanization is also the goal of modernization. 
urbanization is a common phenomenon in human kind. this is often related to a population growth. Both of them have an essential effect on the population distribution. the growth of urbanization results in the development of the world economy, and contributes the emerging level of industrialization.

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