NATIONAL INTEGRATION
India is a country with diverse culture.there are over three hundred hundred and fifty different languages , with each region having its own special food and dress habit s.besides , many different religions are practiced in India. customs , festivals and culture differs from state to state . yet there is a unity in this diversity. till a generation ago , people usually were very rigid when it came to changing their way of living , customs or religion .

although as a nation we have been trying to foster a spirit of national integration , the process has been rather slow. people did not believe in inter-caste marriages and were unwilling to accept other people's customs as their own.
the modern generation however is quite different . today's youth are vibrant and flexible and modern in the true sense of the term . modern because they have been able to overcome the narrow differences of caste and creed that divides people religion and community are lesser concern to them in contrast to idea of their parents and grandparents.
India is today a prominent nation it has made a place of itself in the international arena by it's policies of religious tolerance , non-alignment and prudent foreign ties and co-operation.
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