Well buckminsterfullerence is nothing but the 3rd isotope of C , which has the football like structure .
Popularly known as C-60 .

For making C-60 model you need straws , which are used in chemistry to make many models , which are available in market . you can get it easily . Also you need three different colours straws , two will be the straws & one will be the Joining ( called atom) which will join your straws.

Making :-

1. Let say the atom colour is black in which you will join the straws . Connect five black atoms with five of the straws.

2. Connect the 5th straw to the last black atom so that a pentagon forms

3. Repeat it & make 12 pentagons .

4. After making 12 pentagons start to join them by 5 spare connections using straws (these 12 pentagons join them)

6. Connect 5 pentagons around a central pentagon to form a star .

7. Then continue to add straws to connect the five outer pentagons with each other. This will make the structure start to curve-up to form a bowl shape . (half bucky ball)

8. Make two bowls , each should have 6 pentagons & 5 hexagons .

9. WHEN you start to join the two make sure hexagon is formed. It will look like this