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Advantages of private hospitals are : 
Doctors are in residence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
It is a very good option for women with a high risk pregnancy. 
Some women feel safer in hospital than at home. 
There is ready access to specialist obstetric care if required. 
There is ready access to pain relief and time to time treatment. 
A midwife visits you at home for up to 4 days after your baby's birth. 
Disadvantages of private hospitals are: 
The main disadvantages of private hospitals is its too expensive.People who are low in income will have greater burden of medical fees than those with high income. 
Advantages of public hospitals are : 
The main advantages of public hospitals is its less expensive. 
Disadvantages of public hospitals are 
No proper treatment,no hygiene,Doctors are not available on time , hospitals are always messed up, no vacancies for emergency cases, no proper cure and worried about allergies and side effects
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