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an article on preventing wastage of food

there are many techniques in preventing wastages of food. we have to add preservatives to the food items so that they would stay for longer time. so that the food wont spoil for long time. we can even roast or boil the food without any material like salt so that they would stay for longer time. we can even store the food in colder regions because the cold climate wont allow the growth of bacteria on the food item. we have to cook in an limited manner so that the food wont get wasted.
we can even just cook food in the way that it does not have the food that cant get spoiled faster. we can even cook the food in an simpler way so that it wont spoil faster as before.

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Well,there are a couple of things which you can do in order to ensure that you will not waste any food you buy.
some tips of planning to prevent wastage of food are:-
(1)Firstly think how much you eat and therefore ,how much you might need.
(2)Prioritize what you eat,start with the stuff which due date is  the shortest on coming.
(3)If you cannot eat somthing ,share with your flatmates or invite your friends.
(4)If you cannot do what's been written in number 3 you can freeze(as long as none of ingredients)
(5)Always segregate your organic waste so it would not go for nothing when you throw it away
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