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I don't know about the advantages but these are what I think the disadvantages of lightning could be:

--Lightning causes damage to high-rise buildings, unless they have lightning conductors.
--It also generates enough heat in the atmosphere to break down some atmospheric compounds into smaller ones, which may be hazardous.

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thanks and plz send me what is amber and static electricity
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                                         Advantages of lightning!
It creates ozone which protects us from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It starts wild fires, and they are a good thing when they happen regularly before the grass gets too deep. When the dead wood gets burned off, it keeps any new fires from getting too big. 
        Also, heat and pressure from lightning turns nitrogen and other gases in the air into useful compounds such as nitrogen oxides and nitric acid. These compounds act as a natural fertilizer to help plants make vital proteins.
                                       Disadvantages of lightning!
It can kill people. Its scary. It damages property. Fires created by lightning also causes death of people and property damage.   
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