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He component of healthy diet in menu card

 According to this method of “healthy eating”, the plate suggests the following:Loads of fruit and vegetablesLoads of bread, rice, potatoes, pasta etcSmall portion of milk and dairy foodsSmall portion of meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of proteinA smaller amount of foods and drinks high in sugar and/or fatThe only way this is a healthier way of eating is if you are totally clueless on what macronutrients are, obese only eating take-out food and sweets all day long. If this is you, then by all means clean up your diet using the Eatwell Plate, since this would be better than what you’re currently doing.Other than that, if you follow this Eatwell Plate, be prepared to gain weight, and I don’t mean lean mass guys, I mean body fat! Being a bikini competitor and in the bodybuilding arena surrounded by jaw dropping physiques, let me assure you that those hard bodies and beautiful curves are not built from the recommended macronutrient portions of the Eatwell Plate.