Take a clean tooth pick, or amatchstick with the tip broken.Scrape inside of your cheek withouthurting it. Place it in a drop of wateron a glass slide. Add a drop of iodineand place a coverslip over it.Alternatively, add 1-2 drops ofmethylene blue solution. Observe itunder the microscope. You maynotice several cells in the scrapedmaterial (Fig. 8.6). You can identifythe cell membrane, the cytoplasmand nucleus. A cell wall is absentin animal cells
*rinse the mouth with water and disinfectant.
*with the help of washed toothpick or clean slide gently scrape the inner side of the cheek to get some epithelial cells.
*put the scrappings on a clean slide and spread it with a needle.Add a drop of water and a drop of mythylene blue.
*after 2 minutes remove the stain and add a drop of glycerine on the slide.
*put the coverslip gently to avoid the entry of air bubbles.
*press it with a needle to make the cells spread uniformly under the coverslip.
*examine the slide under the microscope.