God created Adam by taking soil from ground in his image (in the image of God). In order to give helper or partner to Adam, God caused a deep sleep to Adam and while he was sleeping God took one of his ribs and closed up it with flesh.with the rib God created Eve.Adam and Eve didn't evolve from apes . The content is according to the GENESIS chapter of THE Holy Bible. Hope this helps you
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According to the Holy Bible, God created the first human being on the Earth which was Adam out of dust and Adam breathed the breadth of life. Adam had a soul, which would never die.
                 Later God put Adam into deep sleep, took out one of his ribs and closed up that place with flesh. From that rib he created a woman and brought her to Adam. She was Eve.
              No according to the Holy Bible, Adam and Eve did not evolve from apes. They were created by The Almighty God!
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