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Forest consitute our lifeline in many ways  for example - - - - - - 

1. it helps us to breathe by giving us fresh oxygen.
2. it helps us to build our house with the help of wood.
3. it helps us to give firewood.
4. it provides us fruits and many useful medicinal plants.
5. it is the home for many animals.
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Forest are called the green lungs.they are called the green lungs because they maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

It helps to reduce the earth's temperature.And if the forest disappear the amount of carbon dioxide in air will increase and earth's temperature.

The animals won't get shelter and food.

Deforestation will take place which is an endanger in our life and environment.

In the absence of the trees the soil will not hold water , which will cause floods.
We get various products from the forests like spices, oil, gum, wood etc.

It is a system comprising various plants , animals and micro- organisms.

It helps from soil erosion.

Forests are the lifeline for the forest-dwelling communities.
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