The slogan on preventive vigilance on corruption is ;
       "A corruption causes great destruction. We need to take a strong and high preventive vigilance on corruption to prevent the destruction caused by it" 
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Below, you can find a couple of examples of slogans that you might like. You can use them and change them however you want, it's entirely up to you :) However, I believe that it would be best for your own development if you utilize them more as inspiration than a ready made answer for your assignment. 

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                       Don't take that money, it's not all that funny! 
                             [directed at people taking bribes]

                       There's no such offer, one cannot decline
                             [one always have chance to say no to a bribe]

                       Do not turn away, when you see a dirty pay
                             [nobody should be idle when they see a bribery]

                       On law you should rely, not a shady aid
                             [in the long run, corruption makes a country weaker]

                       You shoudn't have it, if you hadn't earned it
                             [if you haven't worked honestly, you shouldn't be paid]

                       No sweat? No GET!
                             [just like the preceeding one]


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