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There was a park near my house .This park is very beautiful.When I try to think of a place that I have an emotional connection to in this blue and green sphere we call Earth, I can only think of one spot. When I was younger, during the summer months off from school, my friends and I would ride our bikes to Wolfs Pond Park. Wolfs Pond Park is on Hylan Boulevard, it is approximately 3 miles from my house. This park was our second home during the summer. It had everything a young boy could want; basketball courts, tennis courts, a hockey rink, a beach ,and a whole lot of woods and open grass fields.This park was a place where boys could be boys. We could do what we pleased without the hassle of having parents telling us what not to do. We would wake-up every morning around 9am and spend the whole day outdoors. Every morning it was the same routine, the first person to wake up would start calling everyone to wake them up. After all the courtesy calls were made, we rounded up the troops. One kid would ride to a friends house, then they rode to someone else's house and so on, until everyone was out of their homes and ready to be outside for the day.
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