1.Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow:Whatever the type of job interviewa walk-in, a telephone interview or a regular in-person job interview, preparation is the key. It is important that you keep yourself in astate of high motivation and readiness, making optimum use of your time to equipyourself to excel. Here are a few things you’d like to do for sure, by way of preparation.You are certain to be asked specific questions about your potential employer, so makesure you’ve done your homework on company information like company history, recentperformance, their last year's profits and latest product launches. Nothing is asdisappointing as when a candidate shows enthusiasm and then doesn’t even know themost basic facts and figures about the company. So, where can you find all thisinformation? The most likely place is theInternet. A visit to the company website couldhelp you get all the vital statistics, including products and services as well as a feel ofthe company culture. You must also check out the annual report and look for a press orcompany news page. Put theirname into a search engine to see if they’ve had anyrecent interesting stories written about them. It is also advisable to tap industry sources,trade journals, newspapers and other business publications to give you good backgroundknowledge of the industry as well as the company.Talk to people who work in the company or in similar companies / areas to gather asmuch information as you can about the nature of work, responsibilities, work cultureand work requirements.For the interview, you need to knowyour CV inside out. Go through your CV carefullyand make notes on how you will elaborate or illustrate what you have stated. You needto be ready with examples from your experience to be able to substantiate all the claimsyou have made. Try to relate specific areas of your CV back to the job description. Itwill make it clear to the interviewer why they should hire you. Also go through the copyof your application carefully before the interview. The interview panel is likely to askspecific questions about it.find words from the passage that mean the same as the following: ( 10 Marks)(a)The state of being prepared for something(b)To the maximum(c)To stand out(d)Possible in the future(e)Eagerness(f)Most important14(g)Give details(h)Objective and reasonable(i)Searching(j)Being aware of



(a) What should be your state of mind when getting ready for a job
(2 Marks)
(b) Why do you need to do adequate homework about the company
(2 Marks)
where you have been called for an interview?
(c) What sort of information can you get about the company from
(2 Marks)
the internet?
(d) Going for an interview is just like going for an exam? Discuss.
(2 Marks)
(e) Regarding the tips given in the passage which is the most useful
(2 Marks)
for you and why.

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I don't know the answer to the last 2 questions. sorry
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