In the story "GOD LIVES IN THE PANCH", Munshi Premchand has clearly shown that justice knows neither friendship nor enmity.The sense of duty comes naturally once we are placed in a responsible position.In the beginning.Alagu Chaudhuri,though not educated formally,displays his sense of justice and fairness,when he pronounces the verdict in favour of Jumman's aun.He proves that justice is blind by not supporting his friend Jumman.
This is also what happens in case of Jumman Sheikh.The moment he is appointed the head panch,he becomes aware of the gravity of his position.He knows that he is sittin on the throne of justice ,and nothing must come from his mouth expect the truth.Jumman,while declaring his verdict,forgets his enmity towards Alagu and also seems to have forgotten the idea of revenge,and he gives the truthful judgement.
It is thus proved that justice knows neither friendship nor enmity.
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