well i've lived in the country my whole life so i know :) 

advantages: private, freedom to do whatever you want, close to nature, more simple life, more relaxed, healthier, grow your own veggies, raise animals, more exercize, less media/outside influence, learn how to entertain yourself more, makes you more hardworking, close-knit communities, cheaper houses, can buy your own land, less crime. 

disadvantages: can be lonely, lots of hard work, small communities can sometimes be hard to fit into, limits job oppertunities, harsh weather, can become bored easily if you're not used to country life, less out of touch with the world, farther away from things like grocery stores, malls, lots of driving, etc. 

advantages: very connected, big communities, people from every walk of life, everything is at your fingertips, don't need a car, 

disadvantages: noisey, polluted, hetic, chaotic, lots of media influences can result in more pressure, materlialism, etc, people are very busy (for example can't stop to say hello), more expensive, living in apartments can limit you (can't play loud music, can't have your own garden, etc), more crime
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