if my friend rides a car to school and tuition and since it is bad for him therefore i will convince him to not ride it because there is a rule in india that children below 18 years could not get license means they have no right to ride motor vehicles but they can ride bicycles. and if any traffic police ever caught him then what could happen we can't even imagine.and he is very small to ride these all vehicle .
        so i will say the above underlined sentences to save him.
i hope that this will help u....................^_^
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Your friend doesn't have a driving licence, which means he is not at all eligible to drive.while giving the licence they see if they can drive it safely or not ,and teach them how to do it .he doesn't have the licence, it means he doesn't know how to drive it properly. there are high risks of meeting with an accident . it dangerous not only for him but also for others. he should not drive untill he gets a licence..........

hope u like it!!

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