as we all know junk food is very bad for our heath junk food eating can lead to obesity, can decrease our memory power and many more diseases . junk food contains many fats which is very bad for our health if fats increases in the body then the heart will stop pumping means we can be a prey of heart attack .junk food takes us near to our dead line instead of eating junk food we should eat healthy food which will no way harm us and will increase our life line.
  i will say all these underlined sentences to my friend who is eating junk food and will try to show him the correct path....
             i hope that this will help u...............^_^
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Food is essential 4 every living thing
Nw a days food outside can be harmful, we dodnt see  them he they prepare and hw hygiene they are. One gd example last week i had been to a restaurant, it was gd there with all the Ac and all comfort. I happened to step inside the kitchen, it was very dirty. i could not even imagine i was bad
so i prefer home food because its 100 percent better than outside food.
There are numerous problems that can effect ur health
Staph Infection
Abdominal Pain
Norovirus Infection
Typhoid Fever
and many
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