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 work done = change in kinetic energy
therefore, no work has been done because kinetic energy is constant and work will only be done when kinetic energy changes .
therefore if work is 0J then,
therefore 0N force is acting on the body.
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Kinetic energy is 25 J by the way not 0
and its 1 m RADIUS..So, first u have to calculate the circumference...
On which it is moving
wt do u mean by constant kinetic energy
Mass of the body ?
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The body has constant kinetic energy. So it is moving with a constant speed or it is in uniform circular motion.

Let the mass of body = m
velocity = v
radius of circle = 1m

KE = 25J
⇒1/2 mv² = 25
⇒ mv² = 2*25
mv² = 50

Since it is in uniform circular motion, the only force acting on the body is centripetal force.
Force = mv²/r = 50/1 = 50N
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I did not think about centripetal force.
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