How to convince your elders to allow you to keep pets at home?
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Children love to have pets in their home as they can spend time with them and play with them, can take the responsibility to take proper care of them, and we can also make friends with them.People would love to come to our home if we have nice well behaving pets. Our parents often don't like to have pets at home.They think there's a lot of money involved and we always have to take care of them, clean them and we have to do a lot of things to keep them healthy and happy. However, there are many ways to convince them to keep pets.
First you should decide which kind of pet is the most suitable for you. Then do a bit research on the pet like - how to take care of it, or what food does it need. etc.
As you know our parents love to see us as responsible mature children.Be like that. At a suitable time tell your parent you want a pet and about it.Convince them that you will take proper care of it. But if they don't get convinced then don't give up try!They may worry that by having ap et you might concentrate less in studies. Keep good grades and show your good side to everyone. This will impress your parents that you are responsible adult. They also think that it involves a lot of money so save up your money for the pet.Show that you are willing to contribute your own money for the pet.
 Start helping parents in household works.Show them you can take the responsibility of the pet without being told.Now you go ahead and convince them in a disciplined, calm, diplomatic way when all of you are together. Tell them about the benefits of having a pet. How these will help you to be better.It will help you to get out of your addictions to computer games, mobile phones or television. You can move out together everyday for a walk and it will be a good exercise. Surely adopting an abused, abandoned pet will be a kind deed.
Adopting a pet is a life time commitment.A pet needs care all it's life so, be careful and kind to your pet.
Having a pet is surely a great deal. You have to take proper care of it, clean it each and everyday and give it food at the right time.Always love your pet because pets too have a heart they will love you more. Never mistreat it or get irritated at it.Pets can be your best friends and you can share your all secrets with them which you can't share with anyone.They are very cute and will entertain you all the time.

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