Kasim and Rizwan are two faces of the same coin. They both sail in the same boat, however conditions are different. Rizwan is an educated and employed youth who does not belong to a well-to-do family. Kasim is a middle aged man who is a rag seller by profession. He belongs to a poverty stricken family of labourers.

The family background of Rizwan and Kasim are also more or less same. Rizwan lost his father about two years ago and he has to shoulder the family responsibilities alone. His mother is ill and his two younger bothers have dropped out of school due to lack of finances.

Kasim's father, grandfather and great grandfather worked hard as physical labourers but could hardly earn enough to make both ends meet. Kasim has no land in the village. His grandfather died of hunger and cold and his father mostly starved. Kasim has a four years old son who was to join his profession next year. He is homeless in city. He earns a meagre five hundred rupees a month but somehow manages to meet the needs of his family.

Like two faces of the same coin the contrast in both the characters is that Rizwan is an educated young man whereas Kasim is an uneducated middle aged man. Both have completely different ways of life and thinking. Kasim is content with his lot as a physical laboyurer and he pessimistically believes that things will never change for better. On the other hand, though Rizwan is disappointed, he is quite optimistic that one day things will change for the better and he will surely be able to find a better way.
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