StepsDig a few curved holes (the more the better) about two feet deep so that the moist subsoil is clearly visible.Place an open coffee can, mug, cup or canteen in the center of each hole.If you have a length of plastic tubing, you can run it from the bottom of the coffee can out the edge of the hole.Lay a taut piece of clear plastic wrap across the top of the hole. To create a seal, pour sand in a circle around the hole along the outside of the plastic wrap. Pour the sand an inch or two from the edge of the plastic wrap. Ensure that the tubing runs underneath the plastic, and that there are no gaps not sealed by the sand.Place a small to medium sized rock in the center of the plastic wrap so that the plastic wrap dips to a point above the can.Sit back and wait for the sun to evaporate water out of the moist soil. The water will condense on the plastic wrap because it cannot escape the hole and will drip into the can. Given the right soil moisture, this technique can generate an abundance of water!You can use the tubing to suck the water from the can without dismantling the 'still until the hole is depleted.Once the sun dries the subsoil in that hole, start the process all over by digging another hole. 
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They store water in rainy season into tanks or water storage area and used that water full year.this way the peoples of desert survive on rainy water.