Just answer the survey given below :-
1) What all sites do you visit? why?
2) How much time do you devote to Social sites(face book, whats app, twitter etc.)?
3)Are these sites suitable to your age?If "Yes" say why and if "No" say why not.

Is it any question or survey..?
I have got a project in which I have to conduct a survey among friends and write the observations in my project


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Fb Whats app g+ and brainy
i will be always online u deiced my ans
because i think i am at the right age to judge thing and also understand what i am doing

Please give reason for your answers
4 the 3ed one?
does this serve the purpose
Thank you Agent for your suggestions. I think that'll work
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1) brainly.in , topperlearning.com and answers.com for some recreation and study.
2) i devote 0 hours to social sites like face book, twitter and whats up
3) yes, i think the sites where i am present are for our age because they are educational sites and are helps in our studies.
            i hope that this will help u...............^_^
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Thank you very much!!! I think that's the best answer