Here on the great creation of God, people choose to be doctors. engineers, scientists,etc but no one wants to be a good human being. This is the only precious profession which is absent on earth, which has all the possible and creative solutions for society destruction. Being multidimensional is great but being a well mannered , responsible, loving and caring human being fills the heart with satisfaction. A man is one who makes himself a real man not an animal who wakes up . eats, drinks, talks uselessly and sleeps, So need to come out of all these things and need to prove ourselves for what we have been created.
If asking what I want to become,the answer would be a person who makes everyone smile.On talking about ambitions,there is one and only ambition in my mind which is I.A.S / Collector.Inspite of the increasing number of doctors and engineers in our country,I have chosen this as my career due to many reasons.The most important of them is the view of people on India.India is being considered as a country with no money,no hygiene and no development.It is being given a place in everyone's heart as a place full of corruption and other crimes.This needed to be changed and I believe I can pave a way for a change.I believe that if I have right position in my hand,it would be easy for me to make the change and I HOPE I CAN DO IT..!!! Hope it helps and pls mark as the best answer. :-)
Pls mark as the best answer... :)