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    The RTI (Right To Information) act is really a good act that Indian Government has introduced. This was a real and practical step towards minimizing corruption.

   There are information officers in many big organizations that are pivotal to the society and nation.  A citizen can seek information related to the processes that are happening inside the organization as per the act. One customer can seek information regarding the status of his/her application or request for service from the organization.  The information officer must give a proper and official response to that within a proper time duration.

    Thus transparency in government processes and other companies procedures has been enhanced by using the RTI.  In fact, during the last many years, many exposures of illegal, corrupt, red-tape or improper behaviours of officials have been already done.

    Still some corruption still goes on.  However, RTI act is always a strong deterrent to corruption.  That is for sure.  The citizens have to be strong and dedicated in spite of difficulties to bring out truth behind scams and irregularities in use of funds and power.
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