Characters: APJ, his friend, Teacher, friend's father( purohit)
( can choose some people to maintain a classroom atmosphere)
(a pleasant, early morning Kalam sits out of his house

APJ - oh! what a pleasant and hearable manthras in the morning from the temple..
( Kalam though a muslim was interested in listening to chanting slokas from the temple as his house was at temple road, Rameshwaram.)

{he gets ready to school}

(kalam and his brahmin friend sits beside to each other as they were best friend and were discussing some topic)
brahmin friend - kalam could u explain me this !
APJ- sure my friend ana he starts it..
( in the muddle his teacher enters the scene and scolds the friends as children of two different religions sit beside each other)
teacher - hey you.. why did u sit beside a brahmin that to the son of purohit in the temple?? hmm?? get lost to last bench!!
(kalam moves to last bench silently)

brahmin friend - appa, the new teacher made kalam to sit in the last bench and we r best friends appa. please do something.
(next morning, purohit meets the teacher with his son and kalam)

purohit - vanakkam sir, straight away to the matter, it's not so good to seperate to good friends despite their religion!! school is a place where all r equal and a joyable educational temple ..please make them sit together,,

teacher - I had though that u will be disappointed if a muslim and brahmin sit together and sorry ... thank u for realising me..

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i want 8 characters
arey yaar add up some scenes between the friends suppose 3 frirends
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plz give me a skit on swachaa bharath too