Sports make our body strong and active. Some of the games improve upon the intellect and the sense of morality in the participants. Sports provide necessary exercises to the body and develop a sense of discipline in the character of the players. There are two types of games: indoor and outdoor games. Indoor games are carom, judo, cards, table tennis, billiard, chess, etc. and outdoor games are badminton, basketball, lawn tennis, baseball, volleyball, hockey, football, cricket, etc. Matches and tournaments are held to put to test the skill, stamina and hardship of the participants. Medals, shields and cups are awarded to the players for achieving excellence in their performance. This creates a competitive attitude among the players, and also a spirit of sportsmanship of fair play, equal respect and appreciation of better players. Discipline learned during sports helps in the player's future life. Broader competition can be seen in international matches and fixtures, as in the case of Olympic Games. Sports take a very important place in today's world. Sportsmanship means behavior thats fair, honest, and polite in a game or sports competition. Sportsman is a person who can take a loss or defeat without complaint, or victory without gloating, and who treats his opponents with fairness, generosity, and courtesy.This is a quality which we need at the time when we are both winning or losing the game. Its a display of mutual respect for opponents and officials. It creates the kind of positive atmosphere that will make it possible for every participant to feel proud of their own efforts andresults(no matter what the scoreboard shows) and acknowledge the efforts of their teammates, opponents, and referees. And this is what we all need in every walk of life.