Good morning to all present here! This is ANKIT KUMAR FROM CLASS 10 .Today I am here to deliver a speech on topic “citizen’s right to good governance”. LET’s BEGAN Governance. It’s a big word in terms of politics .It means establishment of policies continuous monitoring of their proper implementation, by the members of governing body of an organization .But god governance is entirely different thing altogether .It means different things to different people whit varying circumstances .To some could be freedom of speech or right to vote .To other it could avaibility of better job opportunities or just to have free internet services provided by government. But to sensible people it means respect for human rights ,rule of law ,strengthening of democracy ,promoting of transparency and responsiveness of the state and it’s institutions towards the needs and desires of the people ,and inclusive participation of people in forming of government .All these things are also needed for a good governance . Now let’s have a talk on qualities of a good government. A good government should have many qualities. But the most important one’s in my mind includes transparency, responsiveness and people’s participation in forming of government the government. Every good government must be transparency as people want to know about the working of government, they want to know whether the government is working properly or not. And everybody wishes to have a good understanding government, who has the people’s best interest in mind. And people’s participation in forming of government the government is one of the best ways to induce our interest in government’s mind. Now let’s have a view on citizen’s right to good governance. Many and political leaders said that good governance is a fundamental and a basic right contemplated under the constitution and can be provided to us by civil servants if they realize there duty to people and do not think themselves as masters. I do also believe in this. But on the other hand cynics say that in a democracy people get the government they deserve. This a totally wrong thing. I think in a democracy many changes can be achieved if people fight for it collectively. A collective voice for this will have its own better effect. Today lack of ethics and fairness in the government is felt by common people and also by people at higher political positions. To combat this problem we need to take some certain measures:- like we should actively participate in governments work like development and implementation of policies and we should also give a particular attention to traditionally underrepresented groups such as women ,youth ,farmers , workers , disable people, ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples. At last I want to say that no man is good enough to govern others without other’s consent. So we just need to give our consent to a good leader for good governance. THANKYOU!!                                                                                                
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