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Dear Grandma,
                       Many many happy returns of the day. I would like to congratulate you on your 90th birthday.This is a very important occasion for me and I have informed all my friends about it.
                     I am very proud of you, for at your age, while others look for clutches, you are hale and hearty. This is because of regular exercise and eating hearty food. I am grateful for your advice on the above. You would be pleased to know that I go out for a morning walk and do regular exercises everyday.
                 Being a self made women your life has indeed been very struggle, from which you emerged victorious. I draw inspiration from the countless incidents narrated by you, while serving in the British army during the second world war.
               I look forward to meet you very soon.
Please convey my regards to Grandpa.
                                                                               Your affectionate                                                                                                  granddaughter
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