Education is the best way to remove casteism. it upgrades one's way of thinking and cleans all misconceptions from one's mind. it is the prime duty of all educational institution to check the feeling of casteism from the heart and mind of children
intercaste marriage should be encouraged. in this way two families of different caste will be united for a lifelong period. it gives opportunity for the two families to understand each other.

thes are the two ways in which you can remove casteism.
other few measures are-
not using the word caste again ,so younger generation shall give no importance to it.
reservation policy should be abolished, as it creates conflicting attitude among members of two different castes.
difference in economic quality is root cause of casteism. it causes inferiority and superiority among different castes. equal economic quality should be given to all . this will remov casteism.........
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here is ur answer
abolition of untouchability has been emoboided by under article 17 of the constitution.its practice has been declared as punishable offence.
to protect the interest of the sc's and st's seats have been reserved for them in the educational institutions and government jobs.seats also reserved them for local assemblies,lok sabha etc.

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