Ankita and Rumi are good friends . They want to see a film , but Rumi's parent don't like their going without elders .Discuss
1.What could be her parent's Fear.??
2. What could be done to reason out with them.
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ans1. the reason behind her parents fearness is their child might get kidnaped or may attack on them and may harm them way to reason them out is to either send any elder with whom they can feel secure or train them how to fight these people or a tracker device
these reasons 
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ques1. is the worry of rumi parent's correct?
ques2. using this write an interesting story.
ques3. you are anup/anupama after reading you now aware what is the need for girl safety.write an article on it.

1) they are worried about their child because there is no security for a girl so many bad incidents are taking place in this world against a girl so every parents are worried about a girl .
2) some elder person can go with them or their parents can drop and pick up them